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Last summer I decided to go along the beach to my tan, I had worked hard during the entire month of July and August. The main holiday season crowd is gone and much quieter. I put on my boxer swimming and had a towel over his shoulder, and I walked through the hot sand, where I knew I would not be affected. I put the towel in this isolated area between two sand dunes, and then went for a dip clubedaputariabr in the sea. The water was very pleasant and refreshing, so he swam away in the back just to float in the sky. I was a little as if in a trance and my ears underwater could hear the muffled sound of the waves on the beach. suddenly felt something grab his leg ! It caught my attention and without blowing as I think it was so I grabbed it. 'My God,' I thought when I saw the author treading water a clubedaputariabr foot or so from me. His eyes were deep blue, and her smile and laughter that surprised me ! I must be a mermaid ! 'She gave me a breakfastight, ' stammered ' Sorry, I do not ! Please forgive me, but I tried to call but do not seem to belong to me and I thought something was wrong, they were on his back for so long, 'he said. The whole time his eyes on me, and that. ' OK ' were charming smile I said. 'I almost shit,' she laughed I laughed and swam back to the beach I was still trembling with fright, but decided to come back and swim in I took it quickly, as the focus of the beach. the waves clubedaputariabr were quite large and can sometimes be difficult to get out of the water removed, so I said to this girl who was the first show that the hand should they need . smiled and said thank you. that was waiting for the right time, and swam with the next wave of the coast, which was great and I have my base a little loose, but kept my dignity and that's how I have a second wave crashed on me looked and looked, they had begun their work and ths next wave brought us collapses. It was another great and took all my strength to catch and keep, but to my surprise, the shaft had pulled my boxers to swim to the clubedaputariabr knees! They had their hands on my shoulders and I was trying to be out of the waves, build my shorts at the same time. As we have clarified the waves that come and she laughed when he saw my situation. I managed to pull it quickly, but my penis is 6 ' when pulled and pulled him to the federal government was soft. I have not noticed, but she began to cry and drew laughter. I laughed, Doc me and started up the beach to escape the waves. then looked at me intently. she was very nice. pretty face, blonde, petite figure (5 '2 ' ) and solid with nice tits. She wore a black bikini and certainly showed his heritage! A strong camel toe, mmm 'I'm Ian, clubedaputariabr thanks for the shit scared of me,' he smiled, 'Tania ' he said, 'that isGratitude for the salvation of your life! 'She pouted :' Thanks Tania, I owe clubedaputariabr you, I can order a drink to thank him, 'which in the bar on the beach about 100 meters away. ' Ok ' clubedaputariabr he said. TBC I
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